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A Guidance to STS Network Japan

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Welcome to STS Network Japan

'Science and Technology' has been an absolute necessity in our society nowadays, especially for its practical usefulness and convenience. But, at the same time, various problems, unexpected from the past experiences, have been emerging from it, too. For instance, we are now faced with the global environmental issues, the ethical questions concerning life sciences, and the technological frictions in the realm of high-tech. Issues such as these have been discussed in history of science and technology, sociology of science, science and technology policies, or in economics, but these approaches are viewed as being too restricted to own specialities, in order to meet the practical interests of our society. And this is exactly where STS becomes to be important.
The term, STS, is an abbreviation of 'Science, Technology and Society.' It is a growing area of research and education, aiming to scrutinize a variety of social issues associated with modern science and technology. And by doing so, it challenges the established academic styles.
STS Network Japan is an intercommunication body for the people who are interested in these issues. And, since its launch in March 1990, it has been providing excellent opportunities for interactions and discussions between people of diverse interests and backgrounds. There are approximately 250 members at present (April 2000), including teaching staff in universities, students, school teachers, company employees, journalists, and officers of ministries and agencies.
As an organization, STS Network Japan has been offering a variety of activities, such as a general meeting (every spring), research presentations, symposiums (twice a year) and summer schools. These are listed in the next section on the archive of activities. Also, it provides to its members with own publications: Newsletter (4 volumes per annum) and the annual Yearbook, both of which are full of intriguing STS-related information. In addition to this, it runs STSNJ Mailing List (this system is described in the latter section of this guidance), to which a member is entitled to register.
If you find the contents of this guidance or our activities interesting, please do contact us anytime for further information. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.


To be a member of STSNJ

By a postal, please make a payment of 2,000 Yen to the address of the secretariat shown on the top of this page. On receiving your membership fees, the current issue of the Yearbook will be sent to your address. Also, it is appreciated if you could indicate, in the correspondence of the postal order, that it is for a new membership, and STS topics you are interested in. Please note that this may be introduced in the forthcoming Newsletter.
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The Archive of STSNJ's Activities


Research Presentations

...Held with the general meetings and spring symposia.

Summer Schools

...Camping at summer resorts to provide members with opportunities for reunion and information exchanges

STSNJ Mailing List

STSNJ runs a mailing list for the exchange of STS-related information. Any member who has an e-mail address on the internet can join in.
To register, please send an e-mail to our office [office@stsnj.org] and let us know. This service is for members only. To avoid confusion, please use the address submitted on the membership registration.




Published annually as a report on the activities by STS Network Japan. It has also started the contributors' column from the 5th issue (Autumn, '96). Back issues are available from the office address shown below. It is advisable to make orders by the means aside from telephone calls.

Kagakugijutsu Jidai heno Syohousen: A Prescription for the Age of Science and Technology

Author: M. Shirabe; M. Kawasaki et. al. (6 other STSNJ members)
Printed by: Hokuju Syuppan (1997.4.25)
Price: 2,200 Yen (ex. tax)

STS wo Kangaeru: Perspectives on Science, Technology and Society (STS) ~ SISCON-in-Schools ~

Directed by: STS Network Japan
Edited by: M. Ogawa
Printed by: Toyokan Publishing Co. (1993.4.15)
Price: 2,500 Yen (inc. tax)


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